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James W. Fossett directs the Institute’s research program in bioethics and federalism. His most recent work at the Institute has examined the interplay between federal and state policies and funding in the controversial area of stem cell research. Bush administration policies severely restricted federal funding of this research, which led several states to establish their own funding programs. The Obama administration has removed some of these restrictions and announced an intention to devote more resources to this research. His research on these questions has appeared in the Yale Journal of Health Law, Politics and Ethics and, with Michelle Meyer, the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal. He has also, with several colleagues, published research on the value of federal systems in managing conflict over controversial bioethical questions.

Fossett is also involved with Michelle Meyer and several colleagues at Albany Law School and Union Graduate College in developing plans, supported by the New York Stem Cell Board and the New York State Department of Health, for a resource center on the economic, social, ethical, policy and legal issues involved with stem cell research. He has appeared on local TV and has been interviewed by a variety of media on stem cell policy and related issues.

Fossett’s earlier work at the Institute largely focused on a variety of management and financing issues in the Medicaid program, including the implementation of Medicaid managed care, and state and federal efforts to increase the enrollment of eligible citizens in the Medicaid and state Children’s Health Insurance programs. He and Thomas Gais has also produced several articles on a variety of issues in the politics and management of the American federalist system.

In addition to his work at the Institute, Fossett serves as associate professor of public administration and public health at the University at Albany, where he teaches courses in public budgeting and health care finance.


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