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Faith-Based Social Services
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Faith-Based Social Services

Taking Stock: The Bush Faith-Based Initiative and What Lies Ahead

"Taking Stock" details the Bush administration’s efforts — both successful and unsuccessful — to advance its Faith-Based Initiative, and considers the initial signs indicating what the Obama administration will keep, and what it will change.
David J. Wright, June 11, 2009

American Congregations and Social Service Programs

A look at the social service work done by American congregations around the country and the environment in which they operate.
John C. Green, December 2007

Comparative Views on the Role and Effect of Faith in Social Services

A comparison of faith-based and secular service providers, including three case studies analyzing the differences in: drug treatment programs in the Puget Sound area, homeless housing programs in Michigan, and parenting programs in Mississippi.
Steven Rathgeb Smith, John P. Bartkowski, and Susan Grettenberger, 2006

The State of the Law 2008: Legal Developments Affecting Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations

Examines legal developments that affect partnerships between government and faith-based organizations during 2008.
Ira C. Lupu and Robert W. Tuttle, 2008

Getting a Piece of the Pie: Federal Grants to Faith-Based Social Service Organizations

Examines the direct recipients of discretionary grant awards made by the federal agencies expressly part of the Bush Administration’s Faith-Based and Community Initiative.
Lisa M. Montiel and David J. Wright, 2006

The Policy Environment for Faith-Based Social Services in the United States: What has Changed Since 2002? Results of a 50-State Study

An update to the 2003 report, which looks at how the federal Faith-Based and Community Initiative has influenced state actions.
Mark Ragan and David J. Wright, 2005

The Expanding Administrative Presidency: George W. Bush and the Faith-Based Initiative

Examines the steps taken by the Bush administration to promote and implement the Faith-Based Initiative, detailing changes in federal rules, bureaucracies, funding, and public outreach.
Anne Farris, Richard P. Nathan, and David J. Wright, 2004


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