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Forums and Events - What the Berger Commission Has Meant for Acute Care in New York's Capital Region, May 1, 2009

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What the Berger Commission Has Meant for Acute Care in
New York's Capital Region

Rockefeller Institute Forum, May 1, 2009

James W. Connolly, President and CEO, Ellis Hospital
James K. Reed, MD, President and CEO, Northeast Health

The New York State Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century — more commonly known as the Berger Commission — recommended a series of hospital and nursing home restructurings three years ago to reduce excess capacity, and ultimately costs, in the medical industry. James W. Connolly, president and chief executive of Ellis Hospital in Schenectady — a community he dubbed the commission's "Ground Zero" — discussed his oversight of a successful three-hospital consolidation there. James K. Reed, president and CEO of Northeast Health in Troy, where the commission made no such restructuring recommendations, talked about the voluntary consolidations that his organization is undergoing with two other area health systems. Both men said the industry needs to move forward itself with further restructuring efforts.

View Mr. Connolly's Presentation