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Forums and Events - This Is Not Your Mom and Pop's Charter School, June 10, 2009

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Chester E. Finn Jr.

Thomas B. Fordham Institute and Stanford University’s Hoover Institution

This Is Not Your Mom and Pop's Charter School

Rockefeller Institute Forum, June 10, 2009

As the number of students attending charter schools across the U.S. continues to grow, leaders of these independent schools are drawing important lessons that will be key to addressing lingering challenges, according to experts who spoke at a Rockefeller Institute of Government Public Policy Forum on June 10. The forum, the fourth in a series held at the Institute, featured Finn and Douglas Lemov, managing director of Uncommon Schools – a New York-based non-profit charter management organization (CMO) that launched and manages 16 charters schools throughout New York.

Video of Lemov's presentation
Video of Question-and-Answer session