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Forums and Events - Paying for Long-Term Care: Families or Taxpayers? (Burke video), December 6, 2010

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Courtney Burke

Director, Health Policy Research Center, Rockefeller Institute of Government

Paying for Long-Term Care: Families or Taxpayers?

December 6, 2010

Long-term care represents one of the largest and fastest-growing costs in Medicaid, the government health insurance program intended for low-income people. Much of the cost in the last several decades has derived from more affluent people transferring their assets to heirs before their death; this reduces their personal net worth, qualifies them for Medicaid and requires the public program to cover their nursing home or home-care expenses. At this forum, experts discussed a public-private effort in New York — the New York State Partnership for Long Term Care — that encourages state residents to purchase insurance to cover their long-term care expenses and guarantees they will not need to sell off their assets if the insurance runs out. Representing the public half of the partnership was Mark Kissinger, deputy commissioner of the New York State Health Department. Representing the insurance industry side was Sam Morgante, vice president for governmental relations at Genworth Financial Inc.

Courtney Burke's slide presentation
Video: Mark Kissinger
Video: Sam Morgante
Video: Question-and-Answer session