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Forums and Events - Video: New York's Fiscal Condition and Public Sector Labor Relations, March 9, 2011

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New York's Fiscal Condition and
Public Sector Labor Relations

March 9, 2011

Public-employee compensation and collective bargaining rights are front-burner issues as New York and other states prepare budgets for the coming fiscal year. The Rockefeller Institute and the Labor Employment Relations Association, Capital Region Chapter, brought together two experts on New York State finances and public policy to discuss these issues. Frank Mauro, executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, and E.J. McMahon, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute’s Empire Center for New York State Policy, outlined their views in a forum moderated by Robert Ward, the Rockefeller Institute’s deputy director. Topics included the causes of and solutions to the state’s $10 billion projected budget gap; the appropriateness and value of public-sector collective bargaining; relevant context for consideration of public-employee compensation; and the question of whether public-sector retirement benefits should take the form of traditional pensions or defined-contribution systems similar to 401(k) plans.