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Robert Ward, Deputy Director, Rockefeller Institute
Rick Mathews, Director, National Center for Security & Preparedness
Paul Clyne, former Albany County District Attorney
Richard S. Hartunian, U.S. Attorney, Northern District of New York
Boris Lederer, Senior Advisor, National Center for Security & Preparedness
James Horton, Assistant Director, New York State Police Office of Counter Terrorism
Kevin Luibrand, Defense Counsel, United States v. Mohammed Mosharref Hossain

Chasing Criminals vs. Chasing Terrorists: Comparing Investigation Standards and Criminal Procedures in the Post-9/11 World — Reflections on the Patriot Act

October 20, 2011

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For many Americans, September 11, 2011 marked a great divide — a moment in both personal and national history that separated everything that came before from everything that came after. Perhaps nowhere was this divide more deeply felt than in law enforcement, where investigators' and prosecutors' perceptions and the rules governing their actions were dramatically altered. This forum featured key officials and experts in military and government security, who said today's approach to countering terrorism is more proactive and aimed at prevention than it was a decade ago. An attorney who defended an Albany man against terrorist charges cautioned against potential violation of civil rights under the new rules.

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