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The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

Homeland Security Ouside the Beltway


Homeland Security Outside the Beltway

project is a network of researchers and organizations who perform research, training and education, and community engagement around a wide range of homeland security matters of concern to state and local governments. The project’s research agenda is interdisciplinary, featuring collaboration across a wide range of disciplines ranging from atmospheric sciences, geography and planning, and public administration to computer science, emergency management, and political science.


A Managed-Participatory Approach to Community Resiliency: A Case Study of New York State's Response to Extreme Weather Events

This research report presents an innovative case of state-level post-disaster resiliency planning and management in New York. The report also analyzes its performance compared to previous post- disaster federal efforts. It shows that the state’s “Managed-Participatory” approach facilitated production of strong community reconstruction plans by encouraging rigorous local participation and strengthening links between communities and policymakers.

Solar Power Offers Greater Resilience in Severe Weather

In this Observation piece by University at Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, and Rockefeller Institute researchers, the advantages of solar power are explored as a means of mitigating long-term power outages resulting from more prevalent severe weather occurrences. This proposed solution, the authors suggest, may be particularly vital in the Northeast, a region identified by climate researchers as a “hot spot” for an increase in severe weather events.