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Cyber Security

Cyber Security and

Infrastructure Protection

Cybersecurity Crosses Sectors and Levels of Government: Learning from Recent Federal Efforts

In this Observation piece, Rockefeller College Assistant Professor Brian Nussbaum looks at how the U.S. government has recently detailed roles and responsibilities for cybersecurity involving the efforts of government players at the federal level (including the military, law enforcement, and other security agencies). It argues a comparable framework for state and local governments, as well as corporations and not-for-profits, would be valuable. Through utilization of various capabilities, often across levels of government and across sectors, the piece argues that we can take advantage of the best of the capabilities of involved actors at the same time we realize the enhanced benefit that results from “cross-sector coordination.”
Brian Nussbaum, Ph.D., December, 2014

The “Levels of Analysis” Problem with Critical Infrastructure Risk

We in the world of risk assessment, particularly those of us focused on assessing risk to critical frastructure, face a series of tough challenges. The threats are myriad, the vulnerabilities hard to mitigate, and the potential consequences are huge. Critical infrastructure varies hugely across sectors, depending on definitions of “criticality” and among publicly-owned, privately­owned, and a series of hybrid or in­between models of ownership.
Brian Nussbaum, Ph.D., February, 2014