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2010 New York State Yearbook Banner Section I: Housing

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    Information on housing in New York State — including construction; homeownership; sale prices; mortgage rates; housing projects; and commercial buildings.


  • New York State’s homeownership rate was the second lowest among the 50 states in 2008, 55 percent compared to the national rate of 67.8 percent.
  • There were 7.7 million housing units in New York State in 2000.
  • 3.7 million New York housing units were owner-occupied in 2000.
  • There were 255,400 sales of existing homes in New York State during 2008, compared to 295,900 in 2007.
  • The median sale price of single-family homes in New York State in 2009 was $199,000, compared to $213,000 in 2008.
I-1 Occupied Housing Units — Cost, US by Region: 2007
I-2 New Housing Units Authorized, US by State: 2008 and 2009
I-3 New Privately Owned Housing Units Started, US by State: Selected Years 2000-06
I-4 Homeownership Rates, US by State: Selected Years 1990-2008
I-5 Homeownership Rates, by Age of Householder and Household Type, US: Selected Years 1990-2008
I-6 Housing Units by Locale, NYS by County: 2000
I-7 Housing Units by Type, Tenure and Value, and Vacancy Rates, NYS by County: 2000
I-8 New Privately Owned One-Family Houses Completed — Selected Characteristics, US: Selected Years 1990-2008
I-9 Occupied Year-Round Housing Units by Tenure and Race, NYS by County: 2000
I-10 Occupied Housing Units by Tenure and Number of Bedrooms, NYS by County: 2000
I-11 Occupied Housing Units by Selected Characteristics, NYS by County: 2000
I-12 Occupied Housing Units by Type of House Heating Fuel, NYS by County: 2000
I-13 Year-Round Housing Units by Construction Date and Median Year of Construction, NYS by County: 2000
I-14 Housing Units by Units in Structure, NYS by County: 2000
I-15 Existing Home Sales, US by State: Selected Years 2000-08
I-16 Existing One-Family Homes, Median Sales Price, US by Selected Metropolitan Areas: 2005 and 2008
I-17 Median Sales Price of Existing Single-Family Homes, NYS by County: 2007-09
I-18 Median Selling Price of 1-, 2-, and 3-Family Residences, NYS by County: 2005-09
I-19 Sales of Existing Single-Family Homes, NYS by County: 2007-09
I-20 NYS Counts by Billing Type, NYS by Board of REALTORS: November 30, 2010
I-21 NYHomes Activity Summary Information: As of December 31, 2008 and 2009
I-22 Commercial Buildings — Summary, US by Selected Characteristics: 2003
I-23 Construction Contracts — Values of Construction and Floor Space of Buildings, US: Selected Years 1980-2008
I-24 Value of Private Construction Put in Place, US: Selected Years 2000-2008
I-25 Value of State and Local Government Construction Put In Place, US: Selected Years 2000-08
I-26 Construction Industries, Summary Data by North American Industry Classification System, NYS: 2002
I-27 Farm Real Estate — Average Value Per Acre, US by Region and State: 2005-09 and Percent Change: 2008-09
I-1 Resident Population — Percent Owner-Occupied Units, NYS: 2000
I-2 Resident Population — Percent Renter-Occupied Units, NYS: 2000
I-3 Percent Households Lacking Complete Plumbing Facilities, NYS: 2000
I-4 Median Value of Housing Units, NYS: 2000
I-5 Farm Real Estate — Average Value Per Acre, US and NYS: 2005-09
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