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2014 New York State Yearbook BannerSection H: Public Safety and Criminal Justice System

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    Information on public safety in New York State — including police, crime rates, courts, prisons, children and family services, discrimination, and firefighting.


  • There were 451,142 crimes committed in New York State in 2012. This includes murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.
  • There were 550,566 adults arrested for felony and misdemeanor charges in New York State in 2012.
  • There were approximately 4.0 million filings in New York State trial courts in 2013.
  • There were 55,355 inmates in state correctional facilities as of March 31, 2012.
  • 85 percent of all discrimination complaints filed in New York State in fiscal year 2013-14 were employment-related.
  • There were almost 1.04 million emergency calls in New York State in 2013, including fires, overpressure ruptures, rescue/EMS, false alarms, and other; 66,501 of these calls were for fires. This was down from 1.8 million emergency calls in 2010.
H-1 Index Crimes Reported/Known to Police by Type of Crime, NYS by County: 2012
H-2 Adults Arrested for Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses, NYS by County: 2012
H-3 Statewide Police Information Network (NYSPIN), NYS: 2008-13
H-4 Summary of All Dispositions of Judges, NYS: 2013
H-5 Filings and Dispositions in Trial Courts, NYS: 2013
H-6 Supreme and County Criminal Courts: Felony Cases — Filings and Dispositions, NYS by County: 2013
H-7 Caseload Activity in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court by Department, NYS: 2013
H-8 Caseload Activity in the Appellate Terms, NYS: 2013
H-9 Total State and Federal Prisoners by Sex, US by State: December 31, 2011 and 2012
H-10 Inmate Population Counts and Capacity, NYS by Local Correctional Facilities: 2013
H-11 Inmate Deaths in State and Local Correctional Facilities, NYS: 2013
H-12 Offenders Under Custody in NYS Correctional Facilities by Security Level and Facility: March 31, 2012
H-13 Inmate Admissions to and Releases from NYS Correctional Facilities by Type of Admission or Release: Fiscal Years 2002-03 — 2011-12
H-14 Demographic Characteristics of Inmates Under Custody in State Correctional Facilities, NYS: March 31, 2012
H-15 Criminal Characteristics of Inmates Under Custody in NYS Correctional Facilities: March 31, 2012
H-16 County Admissions Received From Courts Within Their County, NYS by Local Correctional Facilities: 2013
H-17 Total Admissions to and Discharges from Local Correctional Facilities, NYS: 2013
H-18 Demographic Characteristics of Inmates Admitted to Local Correctional Facilities, NYS: 2013
H-19 Sentenced County Admissions by Reason of Commitment, NYS by Local Correctional Facilities: 2013
H-20 Inmates Under Custody in NYC Correctional Facilities, NYC: 1990-2013
H-21 Admissions to NYC Correctional Facilities, NYC: 2013
H-22 Admissions to Police Department Lockups in Cities, Towns, and Villages: NYC and Rest of State: 1990-2013
H-23 Persons on Parole and Caseload Changes, NYS: Fiscal Years 2008-09 — 2012-13
H-24 Demographic Characteristics of Parolees, NYS: Fiscal Years 2008-09 — 2012-13
H-25 Outcome of Parole Supervision, NYS: Fiscal Years 2008-09 — 2012-13
H-26 Admissions to Office of Children and Family Services Programs by Type of Offense, NYS: 2006-12
H-27 Abuse and Maltreatment by Reports Registered, NYS: 1975-2012
H-28 Selected Characteristics of Juveniles Admitted to Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Juvenile Justice Programs Programs, NYS: 2006-12
H-29 Crime Victims’ Claims by Claim Type, NYS: Fiscal Years 1981-82 — 2012-13
H-30 Crime Victims’ Workload Summaries, NYS: Fiscal Years 1967-68 — 2012-13
H-31 Office of Victims Services Expenditures/Disbursements, NYS: Fiscal Years 1972-73 — 2012-13
H-32 Community Dispute Resolution Centers Workload, NYS by County: 2013
H-33 Discrimination Cases Before the NYS Division of Human Rights, NYS: 2010-14
H-34 Discrimination Complaints Filed by Jurisdiction and Bases Cited, NYS: Fiscal Year 2013-14
H-35 Discrimination Intake and Case Resolution and Median Processing Time, NYS: Fiscal Years 2009-10 — 2013-14
H-36 Discrimination Caseload by Age of Case, NYS: 2010-14
H-37 Major Causes of Fires by Structural Occupancy, NYS: 2013
H-38 Summary of All Calls by Type of Situation Found, NYS: 2013
H-39 Summary of Fires by Occupancy, NYS: 2013
H-40 Major Causes of Residential Fires by Heat Source and Structural Occupancy, NYS: 2013
H-41 Fire-Related Casualties to Civilians and Firefighters, NYS: 1982-2013
H-42 Pistol Licenses Issued, NYS by County: 1999-2010
H-1 Discrimination Complaints Filed by Bases Cited, NYS: Fiscal Year 2013-14
H-2 Discrimination Complaints Filed by Jurisdiction, NYS: Fiscal Year 2013-14
H-3 Commission on Judicial Conduct Complaints by Source, NYS: 2013
H-4 Complaints, Inquiries, and Investigations by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, NYS: 2004-13
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