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2014 New York State Yearbook Banner Section M: Transportation

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    Information on transportation-related topics in New York State — including highways, motor vehicles and licensing, bridges, public transportation, railroads, and airports and air transportation.


  • There were close to 7.3 million motor vehicles registered in New York State in 2011 with 72 percent of these passenger vehicles. Among individual counties, Suffolk County had the highest number of registered vehicles at 783,489.
  • There were 307,550 motor vehicle accidents in 2011, down from the year before. The 1,153 fatalities from these accidents represented a decrease compared to 2010, with 1,192 fatalities.
  • Town roads accounted for more than one-half of the 114,592 miles of highways in New York in 2012.
  • Of the 19,598 bridges in New York as of April 2013, 6,412 were rated as deficient and 145 were closed.
  • There were 145.2 million vehicle trips on the New York State Thruway in 2013, with 8.8 percent entering at the Washington Avenue barrier (Exit 24) in Albany.
  • New York’s public transit systems provided close to 2.8 billion rides for individuals, covering a total of 750 million miles, in 2012.
  • There were over 45.6 million passenger enplanements in New York State in 2011, over 79 percent of which were at J.F.K. and LaGuardia airports.
M-1 Highway Mileage by Functional Systems and Urban and Rural Designations, US by State: 2011
M-2 Motor Vehicle Registrations In Force, NYS: 1992-2011
M-3 Motor Vehicle Registrations Issued, NYS: Selected Years 1930-91
M-4 Motor Vehicle Registrations Issued by Type of Vehicle, NYS by County of Residence: 2011
M-5 Motor Vehicle Registrations in Force by Type of Vehicle, NYS by County of Residence: 2011
M-6 Motor Vehicle Driver Licenses, NYS: Selected Years 1930-2011
M-7 Motor Vehicle Driver Licenses, NYS by County of Issuance: 2011
M-8 Motor Vehicle Accidents and Accident Rates, NYS: 1979-2011
M-9 Driver Licenses on File and Drivers in Accidents, by Severity of Accident and by Age and Sex of Driver, NYS: 2011
M-10 Motor Vehicle Accidents by Vehicle Type and Severity of Accident, NYS: 2011
M-11 Motor Vehicle Accidents by Severity, NYS by County: 2008-10 Average and 2011
M-12 Motor Vehicle Accidents by Hour of Occurrence and by Day of Week, NYS: 2007-11
M-13 Motor Vehicle Accidents and Contributing Factors, NYS: 2011
M-14 Motor Vehicle Convictions by County of Court and Year of Conviction, NYS: 2011
M-15 Convictions for Motor Vehicle Violations by Year of Conviction, NYS: 2008-11
M-16 Drivers Involved and Persons Killed in Fatal and Personal Injury Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents, by Gender and Age, NYS: 2007-11
M-17 Highway Mileage by Jurisdiction, NYS by County: 2012
M-18 Highway Utilization, NYS: 1978-2012
M-19 Bridges by Owner and Condition, NYS: As of April 2013
M-20 Surface Pavement Condition on the Highway Route System, NYS: 2006-12
M-21 New York State Thruway Traffic (Controlled System): 2013
M-22 NYS Thruway, Bridges and Barriers — Traffic and Revenue Summary: 2012-13
M-23 NYS Thruway, Traffic and Revenue — One-Day Records: As of December 31, 2013
M-24 Public Transit Service, NYS: 1981- 2012
M-25 Metropolitan Transportation Authority Summary Data, NYS: 2006-12
M-26 Rail Freight Traffic, NYS: 1978-2011
M-27 Amtrak Ridership in NYS: 1980-2013
M-28 Pleasure Craft Activity on the New York State Canal System by Canal Section: 1970-2013
M-29 Airfields by Type of Facility and Use, NYS: 1974-2013
M-30 Volume of Air Traffic by Certificated US Flag Air Carriers, NYS: 2009-12
M-1 Motor Vehicle Accident Rates, NYS: 1996-2011
M-2 Drivers Involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents, Rates by Age and Sex of Driver, NYS: 2011
M-3 Resident Population — Percent Commuting Via Public Transportation, NYS: 2012
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