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Fiscal Analysis & Economic Development

COVID-19 State Relief Dashboard

Balance of Payments between States and the Federal Government

Employees Working from Home 2010-18

New York's Automation Outlook

The Effects of the New York State Tax Cap

Marijuana Opt-Out Tracker


NYS Teacher Salaries by School District

Teacher Salary Trends, 2002-17

Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium

Gun Violence in the United States

NYS Firearm Storage Map

Mass Shooting Factsheet

Census & Redistricting

Congressional Apportionment

2020 Census Regional Undercount Risks

2010 Census Response Rates in New York State

At-Risk Community Index

2010 Census Response Rates by County


Overdose Mortality

Opioid Mortality and Prescription Trends

Marijuana Usage & Risk 2002-17

Drug Overdose Deaths, 2015-18

Individual Mandate Penalties, 2014-16

Health Insurance Coverage Trends

All-Cause Mortality

Energy & Environment

U.S. Electricity Net Generation and Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 1990-2018