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Saturday, October 22, 2016
The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
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Rhode Island ACA Report Points to Government Commitment Since Program’s Earliest Days

David A. Rochefort of Northeastern University and Marie Ganim of the Rhode Island State Senate and Rhode Island College have released an analysis of Rhode Island’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) underscoring the significance of strong, early support by top state political leaders in creating a vigorous program of health reform closely linked with policy changes at the federal level. The Rhode Island research study was the 27th state report produced by the 40-state, 70-researcher ACA Implementation Field Network.
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Rockefeller Institute’s Don Boyd Q&A with the Retirement Security Initiative

Unfunded public pension liabilities are at record levels, creating a large financial burden on state and local governments. With pension funds taking considerable investment risk, the hole could grow much larger if risk-taking is unsuccessful. An interview with Rockefeller Institute Director of Fiscal Studies Don Boyd examines these risks and their potential consequences, as well as the flawed institutions that helped lead to this situation. It concludes with possible policy changes that would make it more difficult to wind up in this situation again.

Poor Performance in State Tax Revenues

State tax revenues have weakened significantly in the first quarter of 2016. The poor performance is mostly driven by the weak stock market and the steep declines in oil and gas prices. Preliminary data indicate that many states had seen negative April surprises in income tax collections and reported declines in overall state tax revenues collections in the second quarter of 2016. This weakening raises a yellow flag for state budgets.
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Gambling Research Sparks National/International Attention

Interest in the Rockefeller Institute’s recent report on the impact of gambling on state fiscal health has peaked in recent months as state and national media organizations have cited the Institute’s findings. The report’s author, Dr. Lucy Dadayan, has also been a featured presenter at national association conferences both in the United States and in Canada. Her presentations drew from the April 2016 Blinken Report, entitled State Revenues from Gambling: Short-Term Relief, Long-Term Disappointment.
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Risks In Public Pension Funds Still Large

State and local public pension funds are underfunded and exposed to big risks despite recent reforms and increases in annual public contributions to the funds. Current stress varies among states, but many states rely on risky equities to sustain their funds. Donald Boyd and Yimeng Yin describe these and other findings in their August 10th presentation to the National Conference of State Legislatures Legislative Summit, in Chicago.

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a Work in Progress

Richard P. Nathan, senior fellow at the Rockefeller Institute, summarizes several findings from the 40-state ACA Implementation Research Network and notes surprises and challenges revealed during the ACA’s implementation to date. The network is jointly operated by the Rockefeller Institute and the Brookings Institution.
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ACA Implementation Research Network

Twenty-Seven Baseline Reports In, with More to Come

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The Rockefeller Institute of SUNY, the Brookings Institution, and the Fels Institute of the University of Pennsylvania are coordinating a network of indigenous field researchers in 40 states to analyze the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which aims to provide objective reports that can assist the public, governments, service providers, and experts in the process of reforming American health care. To date, 27 baseline state reports have been published, along with two regional overview reports on state experiences in the West and the South. To access the reports, go to the link below and click on the map for the states that have issued reports.

ACA Implementation Research Network

New York State ACA Experience Highlighted in Report/Forum

While many states have resisted or struggled with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), its rollout in New York has been relatively smooth. This and other findings were presented at a forum at the Rockefeller Institute on June 6th by Sarah Liebschutz.
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Boyd and Dadayan Published in 2016 Book of the States

Don Boyd, director of fiscal policy studies, and Lucy Dadayan, senior researcher in fiscal policy, have contributed to the 2016 edition of the Council of State Governments’ Book of the States with a joint chapter on the dramatic changes in state and local government finances since the Great Recession, and a chapter by Dadayan on gambling-related revenue.
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More Research Needed to Strengthen HIV Care Delivery and Workforce, Study Says

Researchers from leading national health policy and clinical institutions have recommended that rigorous research on HIV care delivery models, including the HIV workforce, in diverse communities across the country is urgently needed. The new article, "Clinical Outcomes of HIV Care Delivery Models in the US: A Systematic Review," published in AIDS Care, was led by April Kimmel of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and featured the collaboration of Erika Martin, director of health policy studies for the Rockefeller Institute.
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ACA Report Reflects Transformative Period for Kentucky Health Policy

Health care insurance coverage remains a contested policy issue in Kentucky years after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In a just released special report, published in partnership with the Rockefeller Institute of Government of the State University of New York and the Brookings Institution, the authors from the University of Kentucky found that public policy decisions unfolding in Kentucky will have major economic and political implications for the state and could serve as harbingers of change in other states.
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Urban Blight Forum Focuses on Challenges to Our Nation’s Cities

Possible remedies to blight in our nation’s cities were discussed by leading authorities from throughout the state and nation in a recent forum held at the University at Albany. The event was organized by the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany, the Center for Urban Studies at the University at Buffalo, and the Rockefeller Institute of Government. Keynoting the program was Alan Mallach, a senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress, and a national authority on the subject.

Case Study of NYS’s Response to Extreme Weather Events

This research report presents an innovative case of state-level post-disaster resiliency planning and management in New York. The report also analyzes its performance compared to previous post-disaster federal efforts. It shows that the state’s “Managed-Participatory” approach facilitated production of strong community reconstruction plans by encouraging rigorous local participation and strengthening links between communities and policymakers.
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Study to Enhance Applied Learning Opportunities for Students

SUNY and the Rockefeller Institute have released a research report and a supplement on applied learning at colleges and universities world-wide. According to SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher, "With this research in hand, SUNY will continue expanding internships, cooperative education, clinical placements, service learning and other valuable work-based learning experiences for students and partnering with our colleagues across New York to ensure that the state's workforce needs can be met by SUNY graduates."
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