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Research Staff: John Kaelin

John Kaelin

John J. Kaelin has diverse executive-level experience in the health care industry spanning government, academia, U.S.-based health insurers, and health systems in the Middle East. He has held senior executive positions in three major health insurers (UnitedHealthcare as senior vice president for Health Reform, CareFirst as executive vice president, and currently Centene Corporation as senior advisor) and has worked closely with states and the federal government on the implementation of risk adjusted payments in publicly financed insurance programs, Medicaid financing, and state health reform initiatives. In addition, John has been focused on the intersection of health financing and public policy including extensive work with states on Medicaid and the coverage expansions under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Over this time period, he has served on several state legislative commissions on health care reform issues and has worked closely with many states on health care policy development including implementation of the ACA, the Insurance Exchanges, and most recently the policy debates surrounding changes to it. In 2014, he spent the year living in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where he served as a special adviser to the government on the implementation of a mandatory health insurance system.

From 1998 to 2003, John served as the executive director of a health policy and research institute at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (Hilltop Institute at UMBC), where he supported the state of Maryland’s policy development for health finance and public health, as well as research for the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. He has continued his affiliation with Hilltop and with the University of Maryland as an adjunct faculty member teaching courses in health policy and health economics. John began his career as a public management intern and went on to hold senior career positions in New York State government in both the Budget Division and Health Department, where as director of Managed Care Financing, he led the team that developed the financing models for NYS first Medicaid managed care waiver in 1997.

Areas of Expertise:

Health Care Financing and State Health Reform Initiatives

Curriculum vitae

Contact Information:

Phone: (202) 550-0441