New York State Science Policy Fellowship

Investing in scientific expertise in government.

New York State officials and their staffs face immense public policy challenges that involve complex socio-technical and scientific problems. Too often there is a lack of capacity both on the part of policymakers and techno-scientific experts to do the critical work of translating between the language of policy and the language of a particular techno-scientific discipline, let alone synthesizing their meanings in order to improve policy outcomes.

The New York State Science Policy Fellowship transitions PhDs in science, technology, and engineering into high-level public sector roles in New York State’s executive and legislative branches, with the goal of bringing subject matter expertise to New York State leaders and providing those with techno-scientific expertise hands-on experience in policymaking. It supports this goal by providing early career science, technology, and engineering scholars training on how policy is developed and implemented at the state level, and educational programming on the challenges related to the intersection of governance and techno-scientific expertise more broadly.

To learn more about state-level science and technology policy fellowships, see this overview from the National Conference of State Legislatures.


November – December 2023

Soliciting Applications

January 2024

Application Review

February / March 2024


April 2024


May – June 2024

Final Placements

August 2024


September 2024 – August 2025

Year 1 Monthly Professional Development

September 2025 – August 2026

Year 2 Monthly Mentorship and Capstone Development

August 2026

Capstone Presentations