Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium


The Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium is a coalition of gun violence researchers and practitioners that seeks to inform policymakers and the public by providing evidence-based, data-driven policy recommendations to disrupt the cycle of firearm-involved homicides, suicides, and injuries. The Consortium approaches the study of gun violence with the belief that:

+ Gun violence is a public policy problem.

+ State and local governments are key in the fight to reduce firearm-involved deaths and injuries.

+ We need to better understand the nuances of state law- and policy-making to effectively combat gun violence.

View Data Dashboards from the Consortium

Gun Violence in the United States. A state-by-state look at firearm-involved suicides and homicides since 2000.

Mass Shooting Factsheet. Basic facts about mass shootings in America since 1966.

NYS Firearm Storage Map. A map providing over 180 local options in New York for individuals who are seeking out-of-home storage for their firearms.

School Lockdown Drills. Quickly see how state requirements for lockdown drills vary.